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and house members on syrian intelligence tomorrow in washington. officials were expected to lay out plans for military action against the assad regime. the head of the meeting, it is important that lawmakers ask tough questions of the president. for example, both iran and syria will attack israel if the u.s. launches a military attack. if it happens, how will the administration respond? will they help our closest ally in the region? finally, what is the end game if assad's regime is toppled? is there a possibility al qaeda-related elements may, in fact, take charge of the country? president george w. bush was hounded by the press over these questions. if he had to answer, so should barack obama. here in stud quo is fox news channel's own colonel oliver north. his new book out in paperback today. >> it is a must read for barack obama. he needs to read this one. it's about a president who forgets about 9/11. guess what's three weeks away? >> my concern is, first of all, this has been going on for 30 months. 100,000 killed. >> over 100,000 dead. over 250,000 wounded. 2.3 million people in re
tsunami takes place in washington. what are you looking for? let me tell you. we are getting real momentum. there is a national website, don'tfundit.com. it has 578,000 signatures on it. we have seen 10 or 20,000 signatures. i keel confident with the hanity viewers and the loyal passion that they have for freedom that at the end of this show that we can break 6,000. to me this is a deal killer. the republicans don't stand, i appreciate the symbolic votes but this is the real deal this time. >> if you don't stand for it. i don't see a difference between the republicans and the democrats. >> sadly, sean, there is one difference. right now the people fighting the hardest against defunding obamacare are republicans. the republicans are all shooting at those who are trying to work with the grass roots to stop this disaster of a bill that is killing jobs and driving up insurance rates and hurting the american people. how do we win? first we get 41 republicans in the senate to stand together and the only way to do that is to get millions of americans to go online and hold our officials accountabl
to washington, d.c., and immediately, boom. rather than them representing us in washington, they represent the federal government to us and they try to convince us to go along. i've had it. you've had it. millions of us have had it. >> going to take a break. more with the great one, mark levin. his new book is in bookstores everywhere. later tonight, a new controversial psa is going after the stand your ground laws. it re-enacts the night trayvon martin was killed. we're going to play that for you. you get to pick tonight's video of the day. one, a video put out by louisiana senate senator elbert gilroy. >> only capitalism can break the shackles of poverty and rise into the middle class. this is what we call the american dream. >> want to see the rest of that message? logon to hannitylive.foxnews.com. more with the great one as we continue. [ school bell rings ] ♪ school's out [ male announcer ] from the last day school, back to the first. they're gonna write a lot. so make sure they've got somewhere to write it. this ek only get composition books for a dime. staples has it. staples. th
into law that contains all these gobbledy gook. the washington politicians keep saying they want comprehensive health reform. >> how much does that thing weigh? >> you know what comprehensionive means, sean? i means unread. >> who wants to comment on the act wares. in washington, 106%. 86% in ohio. >> actually, sean, it's a big deal, when you look at how the law was calculated, the unintentioned economic consequences of obama care is disaster house. employers are shifting to part-time. what insurance companies are doing to increase premiums and game the system. all of the assumptions on which the law was passed, saying it's actually going to state of money are completely flawed. so the cbo needs to go back and recalculate that. >> the original estimate was, 900 billion, remember the president tried latest cbo number that i saw was 2.8 trillion. the number's going higher. was that a broken promise? >> we really need to go back to this point of the actuaries. it drives up the cost of insurance by a dramatic amount. in states like colorado and texas and florida. the cost of individu
to go forward with this seems to be stopped. do you think that is emerging in washington? >> this is what joe biden is talking about. the separation of powers allows for people not to emotionally go to war. you have to think about it. when i think about war i think about one of my sons or your sons going off to war. we should fight to win and for an american cause. i can't see fighting to impose -- law in syria. i can't see sending my son to fight against rebels against christians and fight on the same side as al qaeda. there are so many ironies and muddling nature to this and this are potential repercussions. if he launches this little attack with a few cruise misslles. it won't stop nuclear weapons, but it may cause a gas attack on israelis. >> and it may start an all out war in the middle east. there is a question about u.s. intelligence. they are still working through an assessment. we haven't ascertained that it was assad that is responsible for the attack. it is not a slam dunk. don't we have to be sure and certain that he is responsible before we make this decision
was standing by will roger's statues not too long ago in washington, d.c., and i kind of would like somebody to just sort of admit the problem. we need people we can believe in, whether it be the politicians we have trouble believing in, business people, finances we have trouble believing in. we try to lean on our sports figures and hope we can actually believe in them, that we can trust them to do what they do. there are so many great things, the mochados, the poseys, the longorias. there are so many great stories, and yet we still have to hear what's going on. i want somebody to fall on their sword if they have to. okay, i'm guilty. the other 11 are saying they're guilty. and we know that alex rodriguez is guilty. baseball would not go what they've gone through and come up with this conclusion. bud selig has done everything he can to try to get this baseball year and the rest of the future of baseball clean. and that's exactly what they're doing. but, you know, we need somebody to finally just say, okay, i did it. this is my problem. i had a problem, i'm over it, let's face it, let's go on
. there is breaking news moments ago from the "washington post," they said "the national security agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped legal authority thousands of times each year since congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008. according to an internal audit and other top secret documents, most infractions involve unauthorized surveillance of you the american people or targets in the u.s., both restricted by law and executive order." radio talk show host jeanine turner and penny lee, democratic strategist. penny, this has to hurt. i almost feel bad for me as he hangs out in his 8 milli$8 mill mansion he's renting for the week. >> this issue of the surveillance is one that has split the country. both democrats and republicans both have issues with it. it has been for the lack of transparency. you have some that feel snowden was a traitor and some feel he's a patriot. this is not only dividing hollywood but dividing republicans and democrats across the board. >> you know, jeanine, it's ironic, he's in an $8 million house hanging out with the elite 1% or 0.01% in the country at m
. >> and the nation's capital washington, d.c. >> what's your view? general? what's your number? >> senator, i'm not going to give you a number, i'm going to give you a range. >> dunford follows a number of high generals who held the host. in 2013 he took command. we travelled to the battlefield to hear from the general firsthand. >> give me your sense of what victory is in this fight? >> we'll win when the afghan security forces are capable of providing security here in afghanistan. what we're trying to do now is to ensure that never again can afghanistan be used as a center for terrorism. >> jack keane served 47 years in the u.s. army. >> dunford earned the nickname fighting joe in iraq when as a colonel he led team five in their drive forth. you and i met each other on the way to a place called baghdad? >> that's exactly right. >> when did you have your first contact? >> we had our first contact immediately after the line of departure. >> give us a sense of how different it is from when we first met? >> the mission is more complicated. >> dunford moved up in rank to four star general. in 20
appointees at the irs. and now we know that it went all the way to the top in washington. and it wasn't about rogue agents in cincinnati. so explain that. >> i'm wondering if the e yelling at lois lerner to do more were these political appointees. carter hall was career appointee, correct? >> right. >> and he mention that's it is a political appointee at the top appointed by president obama who is the decisions or telling them they needed to go after tea party groups. >> the thing that i think, maybe now we understand a little bit more why lois lerner pled the fifth. because what she is talking about, if you look at the time line, doesn't this right after this is when they started targeting tea party groups? isn't that the exact time line? >> you have to be a little suspicious of miss lerner since ten years before at the fec, george will wrote a column about this saying she told a republican candidate, either you drop out of the race or i'll pursue you. if you drop out of the race, we'll leave you alone. basically bullying, which is what my book is about, government bullies, people using the
setting. i don't have that opportunity here in california. if they want to bring us back to washington and discuss that, i think that's something that a lot of members of congress are willing to do, would like to see the president come to us before we attack. >> yes, i mean, you are the chairman of the house armed services committee. you're without question, one of the people that the administration ought to be consulting it seems to me, before this. do you think there's any chance they will get approval from congress before launching in effect, a limited war against syria? >> i don't get the feeling that they're even contemplating that. when i first had my call earlier in the week, i almost was thinking that this would already have been done. now, we've been talking all week and the president hasn't made up his mind what we're going to do. the president has given him plenty of options. they're not very excited about this, i don't think, because what is the mission? what are they going to try to accomplish? that's the first thing they should decide and they should be able to articulate
defeated. you are talking about the home of madison and washington and so forth. and new york. the constitution was almost defeated. so they had to make sure if they were going to get the other states to ratify when they presented them with the constitution it would empower the states, it would ensure that the states retain their sovereignty. it would ensure that the central government had specific powers, limited powers and the final thing they had to do because the states were proposing changes to the constitution. and they didn't want to have another convention was they agreed when the first congress met, they would propose amendments to further limit the federal government vis-a-vis the individual and the individual's liberty. this provision in the constitution, article 5, is very, very important. it is the only way we have today that i am aware of and if somebody has a different idea they ought to put it on the table for the american people in a civil, legal, constitutional, thoughtful way to work with their state legislatures over time. not tomorrow. to begin the process
that people in washington, d.c., knew about it. the irs agents in ohio are testifying that they were directed to do this illegal targeting by their supervisors in washington, d.c. so the question that begs not just members of congress but the american people is, how come the president would tell us this if he knows at the end of the day the facts are going to prove otherwise? in other words, we're just starting the investigation here and we're already finding out that what the president has been telling congress and what the president has been telling the american people is not the truth. >> so we have executive privilege, talking points that are false, testimony that's false, the fifth amendment is invoked. we're told rogue agents in cincinnati, none of these things are true. where do you go from here? congressman schock? >> i've been quick to remind folks back home and constituents, we don't need to jump to conclusions. we need the facts to lead us where we're going. where there's smoke there's fire. you take the case of lois lerner for example who happens to be on the paid administrative l
in washington in rooting out wasteful spending. with a recovery package of this size comes a responsibility to ensure every taxpayer that we're being careful with the money they worked so hard to earn. >> joining me with reaction, dana lash and christie setzer is with us. he sounds like scouring the budget to save all that money. it reminds me of o.j. looking for the real killers in the golf course. he's living a pretty extravagant lifestyle, isn't he? >> i don't think he is. i think he's living the same lifestyle as anyone else who's graced the office at the president. >> it sends a confusing message. >> conservatives seem to have a pretty confusing stand on this issue. he's been on vacation four months out of every year. one third of the -- >> you can't count camp david. >> george bush was on vacation. whereas president obama takes two to three weeks per year, about the same as the rest of us. >> we have to set that record straight. >> the same as the rest of us. >> we have to set that record straight. christie, bless your heart. >> i would love for you -- >> george bush didn't go to hawa
to byron, new york of the washington examiner, behind the scenes, some republicans are now worried that keeping the house is not such a done deal after all. so how can that upset be avoided? republican candidates don't need to tell voters what bads job the president is doing, they already know that. what gop candidates need to do, is convince voters they would do a better job 2457b the democrats. i couldn't agree any more. in my opinion, that task begins with one thing. defunding obama care. because today alone, there are two brand new pieces of evidence proving this law is nothing more than a legislative train wreck, it's not ready for prime time. now, first, we are learning that the president has delayed yet another very costly provision of his health care overhaul for one year. this one deals with placing caps on out of pocket insurance costs. but his unilateral decision to alter this law that was passed by congress is raising serious constitutional questions. let's watch. >> the president doesn't get to write legislation. it's illegal and unconstitutional for him to try to chan
of madison and washington and so forth and new york the constitution because almost defeated. when they presented them with the constitution it would empower the states and ensure the states retain their poverty and the government had specifically enumerated powers limited powers and the final thing they had to do because the state were responding to constitutions. they agreed when the first congress met they would propose amendments to further amend the federal government visa vis the individual and individual liberty. this provision article 5 is very, very important. it is the only way that we have today that i am aware of and if somebody has a different idea they ought to put it on the table. for the american people in a civil of courses legal, constitutional thoughtful way to work with their state legislatures over time not tomorrow to begin the process of reclaiming their republic. otherwise the centralized government master minds are not only going to continue they will be additionally coercive. >> madison pointed out the poiers dedicated to the federal government are few and
go "on the record." greta. >>> this is a fox news alert just moments ago police in washington state releasing surveillance video surveillance photos of two suspects in the fate beating of a world war ii veteran who was wounded in the battle of okinawa. the murder victim, 88-year-old delbert boughton, spokane washington police say two teens beat him to death last night. they attacked him in a parking lot of an ice arena. officers found the victim in his car. he had serious head injuries and later died. police are now looking for two suspects. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call police. we're going to bring you more on this breaking news story as we get it. >>> right now, another unthinkable crime. >> one of the perps claims to have knocked out five white people since the zimmerman tria
reid and vote with the american people. we've got to make it feel like in washington, americans want this thing stopped. we have to make a little noise in august to make sure folks in congress are listening. because they're a little hard of hearing. >> so you're starting off in arkansas. you're working your way to wilmington, delaware. >> we hope folks will go to heritage action.com/townhall. find out all the cities we're going to. it is not just there. we're working the whole country through folks who volunteer for heritage action and a lot of other conservative groups. i think you will see people all over the country going out to any town halls that congressmen and senators have and giving them an earful. >> if they are there to have them, i'm sure you'll be there to have at them. i like it. a think tank that is going to actually do the faculties coming out of the lounge. thank you, senator demint. >>> still ahead, sean sits down with country superstar brad paisley. but first -- >> even the lunatic cable tv and right wing crazy radio networks, they only have so much time that they
. >> all right. by the way, "the washington post" just breaking as we speak that he's going to renounce his canadian citizenship. does that take the issue off the table? let me move on. the chicago tribune says delay obama care. now, connie mack, i love the fact that when you were in congress, you had a plan that was the mack penny plan to get the nation's budget in balance. do you think the republicans are smart to not only delay but maybe defundal obama care? >> absolutely. it's not just republicans. it's independents and democrats who are saying, one, that obama care is killing jobs and killing job opportunities. that means for people like here in southwest florida who are looking for work, it's hard to find work because businesses are cutting back not only on full-time employees but making them part-time employees. this is a real problem. i love how the left tries to make this just republicans are trying to do this. my hat is off. i think we ought to continue to bring bills to the floor that defunds obama care and if the senators -- republican senators are successful in their push to de
as at the center of a number of points, the people below her in cincinnati and washington were sending information to her and she was saying stop, don't do anything. she's part of the discussion with the political-appointed office of the chief consul, and as you say, she took the fifth when we simply wanted to ask her what she knew and when she knew it. and when you see that she circumvented the official mail in private -- i hate to call it private, but in using non-government e-mail accounts for government-type business or communications with other individuals and agencies such as the fec or the s.e.c., it raises concerns about what she was really up to. >> first of all, would this be illegal what she's done? do you think she's been obstructing justice? if in fact she was using a personal account? is that legal? >> it's an odd law. the federal records act requires that all this information be gathered. but there's no explicit penalty. it's not a crime you can go to jail for for simply using that. so if you have a hard time putting her in jail for it. but it is the responsible of the irs and the s
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